I love asking salsa dancers about how salsa has changed their lives because it is always so inspiring and makes you remember all the reasons you started dancing and all that you have received personally, spiritually (and even professionally for some) from salsa dancing. Here is Super Mario’s story…

SG – “What does salsa mean to you and how has it changed your”

SM – “Phew, this story is long but to keep it short…Salsa has changed my life completely. From a person who was overweight with no confidence to who I am today – it was a loooooong journey. But you know who I am today and what I am, and that is important. I love my dancing and traveling – meeting people and saying what I am saying now, to get everyone together. I am sorry if I come across as a sad salsa loving teacher but I do love everything about it and more……I love teaching and sharing this knowledge that was given to me and dancing with so many lovely dancers around the world. It’s all good.”

SG – “What are some of your salsa goals for 2008?”

SM – “Salsa Goals….hmmm….I always like to go to 2 new countries every year. And this year, I have Taiwan and Lithuania. So goals achieved. ;)”

Fore more info on Super Mario and to try a free online class, visit his new website:

Thanks Super Mario! By the way Super Mario is visiting mid June and I am taking him to Babaluus. Will let you know closer to the date so you can come and experience some of his awesome moves. He is also donating 20 DVDs to the competitors of the the Toronto Dance Salsa Amateur Salsa competition so thank you to him for all his support and help!!