We are always seeing new students and friends at our Sunday social at Empress so I wanted to give some advice to new attendees.

I know we have benches at Empress but if you are looking to dance, a word of warning: don’t sit on the benches! When you sit on the benches it tells other dancers that you want to rest and you don’t want to dance so you won’t get approached as often. So if you are looking to dance, be up and about, make eye contact with dancers you would like to dance with, and most of all, ask yourself! Both women and men can ask each other to dance. Once you have asked someone to dance, they will be a lot more likely to reciprocate in the future.

There are some helpers at the social wearing name tags. Feel free to ask them to dance – they will be more than happy to do so.

If you continue to come to the socials, very soon you will be making friends and the first feelings of awkwardness will disappear, leaving you very comfortable and excited to see the gang.

Hopefully this helps you go out dancing. Say hi and introduce yourselves to me at the socials – I am usually at the door until 7:30pm!