Thanks to everyone who came out to El Rancho last Sunday – another great turnout with about 200 students out. I was so happy to see lots of people attending the classes. They were challenging as always but as usual everyone tends to get it by the end of the hour. Kimberly and Sara taught upstairs the beginners and really challenged them with a cross body lead with turn combination. Evan and I were downstairs with a tricky combo. It was about a level 4 combo so congrats to all the level 2s and 3s who got it! Just remember when you go to a club class to repeat the combination 20 times that evening so that it becomes natural and muscle memory will kick in to ensure you don’t forget it. Otherwise the next day you won’t be able to remember the whole combo.

We had lots of variety of students last night. Absolute beginners were in attendance have a ball and dancing side by side with helpers and instructors. I love seeing this as the beginners have a chance to see what they can look like with some practice an be inspired. And of course the more seasoned dancers get to show off their moves!

If you are unsure as to whether you want to attend an outing, then please don’t hesitate. It is a comfortable environment – you can come on your own, with a friend or with a partner – doesn’t matter. You will meet lots of people if you are on your own, learn a lot and improve your dancing all while having fun and working out.

Our next outing is Friday March 28th at 9:15pm at Plaza Flamingo – hope to see you all there! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and long weekend!