Last Saturday I hosted my traditional “Thank You” evening to all the helpers from the Spring Semester. About 50 helpers attended this fun, unique event beginning with Fencing, then dinner and finally a salsa workshop.

We all met at Swordplayers Fencing Academy in Toronto for a Fencing lesson and tournament. The team learned foot work and attack and defense strategies before gearing up in full fencing gear including masks, chest plates and jackets. They used electronic swords that were able to keep track of their scores which made the one on one practice sessions more interesting. All in all, a very interesting sport!

We then regrouped at Empress walk for dinner and announcements. It was a great time to recognize all the helpers who had been with us for a year or longer with helper T-Shirts as well as announce the Spring Helper of the Semester. George Reichert is our recipient this semester for all his energy, enthusiasm and assistance all these years as a helper as well as for his contributions to the annual competition. Don`t forget to congratulate George if you see him around!

Finally Teddy Olaso and his amazing group of instructors and assistants arrived at Empress for a 1.5hr workshop specifically for the helpers. They learned some sexy turn patterns and styling and had a chance to practice the moves after.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and I look forward to next semester`s outing!