Let me tell you about my totally awesome Tuesday. I was cruising on my bike, the sun shining down on me, and boy, I felt fantastic! Now, my golden rule is simple: when I feel great, it’s time to make someone else feel great too! So, guess what? I decided to surprise my amazing mom with a phone call, just to tell her how much I love her.

With enthusiasm in my voice, I exclaimed, “Hi mom!” But, you won’t believe what happened next. She goes, “What’s wrong? What happened?” Totally confused at first, and then a little annoyed, I reassured her that nothing was wrong. I just called to say those three magical words: “I love you!” Can you believe it? She’s so used to me only calling when something’s up that she couldn’t believe I’d call just to spread love.

But hey, my persistence paid off. My mom started laughing and reminded me that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying “I love you.” She even told me that no matter how much I think I love her, she loves me ten times more.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy, I thought, “Why stop there?” I went on a spree of phone calls to spread the love!

My best friend, who I’ve known for over 20 years, picked up next and was like, “Hey, Aleks, what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Ha! Apparently, I don’t call people often enough. But I quickly assured him that everything was peachy and I just wanted to express my gratitude. I thanked him for being an incredible friend and being a part of my life. And guess what? He returned the favor, telling me how much he appreciated our friendship. Love and good vibes all around!

Next up, I made a call to our busy instructor, Ivy. Usually, she’s unreachable on the phone, but surprise, surprise, she answered! I took a moment to let her know that she is loved and appreciated for being exactly who she is. And wow, her voice changed, and she got emotional, thanking me for the timely reminder. Score!

As I rode my bike back home, something was different. Sure, I set out with happiness, but after making those calls, I came back home with an overflowing jar of happiness! That experience taught me a valuable lesson: happiness is like a sweet treat; you gotta share it to have more!

So, my fellow happiness crusaders, let’s make this week all about spreading joy and love. Give someone a call, drop them a message, or just share a smile. Remember, happiness multiplies when you share it!

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