Well this is the first time I think I am commenting on the top twenty of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. As excited as I was about the Canadian version once it got to the Top 20 I still watched but lost some interest just because it was too fluffy.

The judges have been way too nice. There has been very little critiquing to push the dancers to really become better. The choreography is somewhat fluffy – not edgy and memorable like Mia or Wade or some other amazing choreographers from the U.S. Show. The host is a little fluffy too and needs to develop a little edge herself.

The worst part of the show by far is the costume selection. Many people won’t notice how bad the costumes are but they are terrible. They look tacky and overdone and take away from the dancers and what they are expressing through their movements. If Nico is supposed to be a dark angel, having black wings really is not necessary. He can convey this with his dance, body movement and facials. Between the toy soldiers, clowns, fake afroed disco dancers and other ridiculous costumes, the dancing is lost and that is too bad because the dancers are quite good.

However, I will make an effort to comment on the final shows as we are getting down to the top few dancers and I do want the Canadian show to do well and improve. Hopefully they are reading viewers’ comments and can make some adjustments for next season.

In the next blog I will cover my favourite dancers…