I can’t believe the end is finally here…I am so sad that the So You Think You Can Dance season is over and the winner will be announced tonight. This season, more then ever, I have been addicted to the show, the choreographies and the dancers. There have been some serious surprises, with the loss of Will especially, but overall a great season.

I was mildly disappointed with last night’s performances but I’m quite sympathetic to how hard it must have been to perfect 4 different choreographies as well as their solos. I can imagine how physically, mentally and emotionally draining the last few weeks have been on the dancers. I thought Twitch stood out the most last night followed very closely by Joshua, then Katie and then Courtney.

The performances that stood out for me last night were the Wade modern routine with Katie and Joshua as well as the crazy Russian routine with the boys. That must have killed Twitch’s legs!

So who do you guys think is going to win?? I have a hunch it will be something like this: 4th place Courtney, 3rd place Katy, 2nd place Twitch, 1st place Joshua but truthfully I think it is anyone’s game (other than Courtney).

I hope the Canadian version is as addictive and well made. I guess I will just have to be satisfied with the repeats of the show until it begins! I’ll be off to watch the finals tonight with Velina, my fellow addict. Enjoy the show everyone!!