Last year I learned a very valuable lesson about choosing a salsa-friendly costume. While my ‘Zorro’ costume worked for the most-part there were two fundamental flaws that made dancing almost impossible: I could barely see through my mask and my hat made most of my moves impossible. Luckily I made some quick fixes and the costume was a hit; hopefully with a few tips you’ll have much more success from the get-go!

Can you move in it?
Thinking about being a robot or some kind of spiked-out monster? Think again. If your costume impedes your movement or the movement of your partner, you’re going to be sitting out quite a few songs.

Can you see?
Last year my Zorro mask killed all of my peripheral-vision to the point where I bumped into someone within a minute of wearing it. If you’re planning on wearing a mask, do the ‘basic-test’ in it; all you need in to try a simple basic in the store and see if you can see what’s around you.

Does it breathe?
I was checking out a fantastic panda costume online, but eventually gave up on it as I knew that I’d overheat within a few minutes and have to sit out an hour at a time. Find costumes that are relatively thin, breathable and won’t cause you to de-hydrate.

Does it restrict your dance moves?
Anything with large wings, brims, spikes, extra body parts or antennae may cause you to get tangled up!

Make sure your make-up and effects won’t run while you sweat it out! The last thing you want is your mascara to change your J-Wow costume to being a Snooki.

Suggested Outfits – Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, Alice in Wonderland, Glee(ks), Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry (a personal fav), Mad Men, Vampire (watch out for the cape though), Harry Potter, Avatar, Rihanna, Pirates, Ninjas…

Suggest Masks – Masquerade masks that have wide eye slots, Large-eyed Character Masks, Masks that only cover the top-half of your head (Frankenstein, Homer Simpson, etc.)

Well, with only a handful of days left, the TDS Halloween party will be at Acrobat at 8:45pm this Saturday!!! Come out and dance with all of us ghouls for a pretty spooky night! Don’t forget that the TDS Helper and Pro teams will be doing their thing as well as a massive birthday dance for Sara!!!!

Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!