I read this article about artists who use and dance to music such as salsa while they are painting their canvases for inspiration and creativity. Check out the article here.

I think this is interesting because after I started salsa dancing I became more creative in other parts of my life. I was an extremely practical person and could not really do anything artistic or creative, as much as I wanted to. It is almost as if salsa makes you more creative which puts you in a confident state about your creative self and you can do more with the artistic part of your life that is not even dance related.

I now have the knowledge that being artistic doesn’t always have to be a natural talent. With hard work and interest, you can turn a new hobby into something wonderful in your life. With that in mind, I am taking an introductory painting course and woodworking course in the new year to dabble in other artistic areas of my life. I hope everyone nourishes their artistic side with lessons in dance, art, music and more in 2008! Share your stories with us!