Salsa Dancing For Weddings

Congratulations – you are getting married! You probably want to wow your guests with Salsa dancing for weddings. I have had the pleasure of choreographing and witnessing couples Salsa dancing at their weddings. It is amazing. They worked so hard and then there are the oooh’s and aaah’s  and the applause. It is incredible. If you want to experience that at your wedding, here are some tips to help you.

For Beginner Salsa Dancers

You will need to start planning anywhere from three to up to 10 months in advance of your wedding. This depends on how much dance experience you have, how much time you have to practice and many other things.

Your song should probably be one to two minutes long (usually it means you ask the DJ or your choreographer to cut the song).

Don’t do more than 3 tricks for your performance. One at the beginning, one in the middle and a big finish. If you try to do more you will be stressed and worried about doing a routine perfectly. When you see a pro or amateur pro performances on YouTube, you’ll see them go from one trick to another to a bunch of turns. It seems like a none stop rollercoaster. Remember they have years of experience and you have a couple of months, so don’t try to recreate an advanced dance from YouTube.

Remember that your wedding goers aren’t experienced dancers and anything and everything you show will have a wow factor. When you focus and nail down 3 great tricks and everything else is basics, that means you can make those tricks look amazing.

For Intermediate Salsa Dancers

For those who have been social dancing for at least 6 months and probably Salsa dancing for anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Your song can be a little longer – anywhere from 1.5  to 2.5 minutes. And you can do a couple more tricks – anywhere from 3 to 6.

For Everyone – Don’t Overwhelm People with Tricks

The most important thing here is doing basic turns, crossbody lead, crossbody lead turns things that give people a chance to visually rest between the tricks.

If it’s just non-stop tricks, people just get bored. You want to have your highs and lows in the choreography (which is something you should discuss with the your choreographer).

Pick the Right Song

Pick a song that excites you. Don’t let someone else pick your song. Others can suggest but the song has to make you feel something. You should light up when the song plays because you are going to be working on the song for months. A song that you love and you feel says the story you want to portray with the dance moves.

Level Up Your Performance

Your choreography should compliment the energy of the song. Imagine that this is the story of your relationship. This is the story of your future together. Your dance will become more meaningful because everyone will feel and see your connection, energy and flow.

Remember that people are coming to celebrate you, to celebrate your special journey. If you are stressed, not having fun and are too concerned about the choreography it is not worth it. Focus on loving and supporting each other. That is what is important.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends, and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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