Tips for Practicing When You are Not in Class


Hey Aleks!

How can I practice my salsa and bachata when I’m not taking any classes?


Hey Gang!

It’s Aleks, your friendly neighbourhood director, and instructor at Toronto Dance Salsa.  That’s a great question and here are four simple ways you can practice dancing with or without a partner:

  1.  Put on some music and do your basics.  It doesn’t sound sexy but it works. Do them everywhere – while you are cooking, watching tv, brushing your teeth – everywhere. You can even try phoning a friend and seeing if you can multitask and stay engaged in the conversation while you are doing your basics. The more you can build doing the basics into your muscle memory, the better and smoother you will become. Check out our YouTube channel for a list of songs that are beginner-friendly:
  2. Go social dancing. Social dancing is a great way to apply all the moves and combinations you have learned. Be sure to read my earlier article 3 Tips on Social Dancing before you go to your first social. It will definitely help you to stay confident and feel like you #belong on the dance floor.  

3    Check out the videos on our YouTube channel.  Most of the videos are for partner work, but whether you are dancing with a partner or solo, both leaders and followers can practice turns, styling and new dance moves.  

  1. Record new combos and moves when you are in class. If there is no class right after yours, grab a partner, grab your phone and record the new combos and moves you learned that day. That way you can watch them and practice the steps at any time. 


I hope that was helpful and remember to keep checking the website for new tips on dancing each week. Also if you have any questions you would like me to answer here are some ways you can contact me: message me on Instagram (torontodancesalsa), on Twitter (#torontodancesalsa), on Facebook (Toronto Dance Salsa) or email me at [email protected].


I can’t wait to give you a big hug or a big high five (whichever you prefer)  and I will see you on the dance floor very soon.