With the last few days of the ‘aughts in our midsts, it’s time to state for the record my salsa resolutions for 2010. While not all of these may apply to you, I encourage anyone else to join me in fulfilling these during the new year…

1-Dance with more people
2-Work on body styling (finally get that cool weight-shifting mambo hip action)
3-Working on strengthening my lead
4-Work on taking smaller steps and executing moves with less space
5-Learn 20-30 new moves and improve my coca colas
6-Practice the moves learned in the workshops (dips, casino and most importantly, on2)
7-Put my all into the performance team (and dance enough weight off to look good in those crazy-tight performance outfits)
8-Writing more blogs that hopefully will inspire and inform
9-Attend at least 3 days at the salsa congress and show love to all salsa schools by attending their parties and events
10-Attending way more Sunday Socials at Empress
I’m sure there are a ton of more resolutions to make, but I think ultimately the key is to get out there, try new things and dance, dance, dance!
Till then,
Stay Shining in 2010 Salseros! (see you at Acrobat NYE)