Ladies, you have been asking for ages for an uptown Ladies Styling class and we have finally created a great intensive program for you.

Tracie Macko will be teaching a Ladies Intensive Salsa Styling & Conditioning Class on Tuesdays beginning June 9th from 7-9pm for 3 weeks at Empress Studio. This 3 week x 2 hour per class course is a great way to learn a lot of information quickly without the commitment of a full 9 week course at only $90 per person. This class is limited to women who have completed level 2 with us or with permission.

Registration is now open and is limited. Here is a description:

Whether you dance with an experienced or inexperienced dance partner, being strong in your centre and being able to use it to play and style more in your dance will make you a much better and happier dancer. Learn the basic rules of thumb for being a good follow, executing spins and turn patterns and incorporating fun and flirty styling to your dancing.

In the first hour of every class Tracie will lead you through core strength and flexibility conditioning exercises designed specifically for dancers. In hour two Tracie will lead you through technique exercises that will cover musicality and styling in both shines and partnerwork, following, spins and turn patterns. Please dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat and your dance shoes.