Caché is one of Canada’s most popular and successful Salsa bands.  I had a chance to interview Wilson Acevedo, Producer and Musical Director for Caché.  Here is the interview….

1) When and how did Cache form?

After playing with Vibrason, led by me, for about 4 years. A replica of the Joe Cuba Sextet which was a format that did not include horn but had an exceptional chemistry with a lot of soul. These ingredients were key player for us to be able to write our own music and so, Caché was formed in 2001. Our Debut performance was at the legendary Bamboo Club on Queen And Spadina.

2) How long have you been playing together?

With Caché, with have been playing together for 10 years. As musicians some of us have been playing with various bands for 20 years.

3) What are your thoughts about the Toronto salsa scene?

I believe we have come a long way musically and now that salsa is more recognized and accepted we still lack a larger market and venues for live performances, if we were to compare it with New York with a population over18 million and a good percentage of that being Spanish speaking where the roots and percussion rhythms are instilled from an early age.

4) Can you describe your style of music?

Our style of music is a blend between vintage and new. It is not new and it is not old. We are not trying to be salsa from New York, salsa from Puerto Rico, salsa from Colombia or Cuban. We are inspired and we have been brought up listening to the old school salsa and Caribbean rhythms. Bands nowadays have become too technical. We do not want to copy or duplicate, we want to bring back what has been lost from vintage salsa and at the same time update it with our own heart and soul. This is why we like to call it Canadian Salsa.

5) What musicians have inspired you?

Musicians that have inspired me are, Papo Luca, Tito Puente, Noro Morales, and Willie Rosario just to name a few.

6) We are excited to hear about your new CD. Can you tell us a bit about the new CD and how it differs from your past two CDs?

We are very happy with the new release, “Looking from the Top” which will soon become available on iTunes just like are 2 previous CDs. You will be able to see how we have grown not only as musicians but as writers. There is not much difference as we like to maintain our trademark, so when a Caché fan hears our music they will be able to identify the sound or rhythm as a ‘Caché’ song.

7) Where can we purchase your CDs and songs?

Our CDs and songs are available in iTunes. Or you can always place an order by sending an email to [email protected] and pay by paypal.

8) Do you have any upcoming performances that we can check out?

We will be at Lula Lounge on February 25

9) What are the band’s plans for the next year or two?

Our plans for the next year is to hopefully tour across Canada and the States as well as to get more involved with Salsa Congresses.


For more information on Caché’s new CD please email Wilson at [email protected].  Their new songs should be available on iTunes shortly so enjoy!