There is no better show on TV in my opinion! So You Think You Can Dance satisfies every TV craving I have – a great reality show with amazing dancing of every kind. And this season proves to be just as good. The episodes leading up to the top 20 had a little too much of the “bad dancers” and not enough of the talented dancers, in my opinion, but otherwise a great start to the season.

Last week was the first round of the top 20 and the first elimination of one man and woman. I still don’t know everyone’s names very well but Evan and I are cheering for Will at this point in the game and were very surprised, as were the judges, to see him in the bottom 3. Of course he danced for his life and was immediately saved – great news as I think we will see some amazing dances from him. I also love Twitch and Carrington and last night I adored their Vienese Waltz.

It is always difficult to compare the seasons. The judges always say the current group is the best they have had but it is hard to tell if this batch of dancers will be better than th likes of Travis, Danny, Sabre and many of the other favourites from the past seasons.

Let me know who you are all cheering for and happy watching!