Last week I listed some questions I recently asked Super Mario, an international salsa instructor who is a favourite at the salsa congresses worldwide. Here are some additional questions I got a chance to talk to him about…

SG – “Are there any things students should avoid doing in their development?”

SM – “Yes, avoid being in a clique. That means just dancing with your level dancers. Stay away from group politics. 😉
Practice a lot and then more……
Query everything that has a doubt in your mind, that is what the teachers are for.
In a class, don’t criticize one another and please try your moves not with just one dance partner but with everyone.
Gain more knowledge of the music, the musicians and the instruments. It helps develop your skills faster.”

SG – “Are there any obstacles you can remember experiencing in your salsa development and how did you overcome these obstacles?”

SM – “I was doing the opposite to all of the above and in time I learned my lesson. They were not obstacles but just a learning curve. Back when I was learning salsa everyone was thinking in ONE DIMENSION and learning to move out of that was hard but very fun and entertaining. Now with so many tools to learn salsa faster (i.e DVDs, Internet, Congresses etc), there is no reason to stay on a ONE TRACK MIND.”

More questions and answers with Super Mario coming soon. Until then, check out his website and online classes at: You can try a free online class!

Keep dancing!