Hi Everyone!

Many of you may know that Montana is usually just a restaurant & bar. But for the first time, it hosted a Toronto Dance Salsa Outing last Sunday. As such, I’m going to rate Montana based on how well it served as a venue for our outing as opposed to how well it ranks as a regular salsa club since this is not usually its function.

In terms of space, this was a perfect venue. There was lots of room for dancing. Sharon’s outings tend to attract over 250 people and its hard to find a place that can accomodate so many patrons. But Montana was able to comfortably fit everyone who attended (~ 250+) with room to spare. I liked the layout too. There were essentially 3 separate rooms upstairs. Perfect for holding 3 separate lessons at the same time without disturbing each other. This was the first time people had the option of attending either: 1) an Introductory lesson for complete beginners with Kimberly and Christianne, 2) a lesson for people in Level 1 with Alfred and Nina, and 3) a lesson for level 2+ dancers with Sharon and Evan!

Montana has its own in-house Latin DJ. She played many of the popular salsa songs. But many of us would agree, her collection of Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue is limited as some of the same songs were played over twice or three times. I can forgive that since this was the first time Montana hosted a salsa outing for us. Hopefully the DJ will know for next time, to prepare a larger variety of songs.

Other than that, I thought everyone had a really good time at the outing. I saw lots of dancing, lots of socializing, lots of smiling faces. It was nice to see students from United Salseros had joined us as well. Generally speaking, there was lots of positive feedback from people who attended the outing. Hopefully they will welcome us back.

See you on the dancefloor!

Montana Restaurant & Bar
145 John St.Toronto, ON M5V 2E4
Cover: $8
Dancing: Sunday (Included Lesson 7-8pm)
Coat Check: Free

Our Ratings

Dancefloor: 4
Ambiance: 3
Music: 3
Dancers: 3
Fun Factor: 5
Overall: 18 (out of 25)