Here are the descriptions: Kizomba The sensuous dance originating from Angola, Kizomba is a dance that will capture your soul like no other. A close dance between partners, Kizomba is characterized by a slow and smooth syncopated beat, with influences from Argentine Tango. Students will be learn the basics of Kizomba and a combination that can be taken to the social dance floor right away! No dance experience required. Bachata Rueda Much like Casino Rueda – the fun form of salsa dancing “in the round” – Bachata Rueda takes bachata to an entirely new, fun and extremely social level of dancing! Like its salsa counterpart, Bachata Rueda is characterized by couples dancing in a circle in unison to turn patterns called from a “leader”, and unexpected partner changes. Get an introduction to what’s already sweeping across the U.S. and Mexico and will soon be infiltrating latin dance floors in Canada! For dancers who have completed TDS Salsa Level 2 or Bachata Level 1 or higher or with assessment. $35 plus HST per workshop or two for $65 plus HST. Register here:

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