So, last year I decided that a good way of keeping my resolutions was to actually set them in digital stone via my 10 Salsa New Year’s Resolutions list. Seeing how the new year is upon us, I figured it’d be good to see how well I did last year and perhaps offer a few new ones to tally up 360ish days from now…
1-Dance with more people
This year I made a solid effort to dance with more people from various schools. Having been an ambassador at the Congress, attended other schools’ socials as well as hitting up new clubs.

2-Work on body styling (finally get that cool weight-shifting mambo hip action)
From Performance classes to workshops with Emely, Tracie and Sharon; I spent a lot of time working on moving like a dancer and less like a robot.

3-Working on strengthening my lead
A continual struggle, but am really finding how much learning tango helps improve ones’ salsa lead. Although they are different beasts, your dance frame is crucial for both dances and will cross-mojinate you into a better lead.

4-Work on taking smaller steps and executing moves with less space
I’m definitely getting better at this, although still need to keep at it. Where in 2009 I found I could barely dance in a crowded club, I’m finding I can now. The real trick is leading well enough so that even if my follow takes larger steps; I can still keep the space small.

5-Learn 20-30 new moves and improve my coca colas
With some serious effort I’ve got my main coca colas down. Now the real trick is to hone in on the lesser-used, really cool looking ones.

6-Practice the moves learned in the workshops (dips, casino and most importantly, on2)
While I’ve been good to incorporate dips into my dancing, I rarely practice my on2. This must be remedied.

7-Put my all into the performance team (and dance enough weight off to look good in those crazy-tight performance outfits)
Having lost about 15lbs last year, I felt like this was a major accomplishment from last year. Getting to perform at Congress was amazing and I really enjoyed my time performing.

8-Writing more blogs that hopefully will inspire and inform
While I haven’t been as consistent with the blogs, I’m hoping to get better at keeping these up. I’ve had a few people say that my blogs have helped them here and there, so it makes it all worthwhile.

9-Attend at least 3 days at the salsa congress and show love to all salsa schools by attending their parties and events
I did the whole Congress this year, from workshops and performing to socials. It was almost too much… almost.

10-Attending way more Sunday Socials at Empress.
Photos will prove that I attended way more Sunday Socials at Empress this year than previously. I love the relaxed atmosphere and how Evan always plays requsted songs!

Here are a few new resolutions for 2011:
1-Nail down the forward/reverse coca cola as well as the 360 degree cola.
2-Continue my weight loss through muchos dancing
3-Check out a few Milongas to practice my Tango steps
4-Work on my afro-cuban movements
5-Work on on2 dancing
6-Continue working on my own style, from personalized dance moves to body movement
7-Work on more dance expression and feeling the music
8-Learning Cumbia/Cuban style Salsa
9-Attend a salsa congress outside of Toronto
10-Get around to watching a ton of those salsa lessons online

With what looks like a great year ahead, I wish you guys all the health and happiness that you can handle!

Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!