Latin Dance For Couples

There is nothing as beautiful, nothing as incredible as sharing a dance space with someone you love. Latin dance night is one of the best ways for couples to bond and connect. I’ve had the great fortune of teaching so many couples over the years. Class after class, I watch them fall more in love with each other every week. Here are two styles of dance that I would recommend for any couple and the benefits of each one.


Of all the styles of Latin dance that any couple should learn, it is Salsa. Salsa is the most practical. You can hear Salsa Music everywhere and when you learn to dance Salsa you can dance it anywhere in the world. When you go on vacation from St. Petersburg to Seoul to New York to Havana to Lima, you will always find a Salsa club. Unlike other styles of dance like Argentine Tango or Brazilian Zouk, which are both beautiful, Salsa is more accessible. It is everywhere! Salsa is popular, fun, and exciting. For me, teaching couples Salsa is so enjoyable. Couples get to experience not only the exciting energy and thrill of Salsa but also the cool dance moves and tricks and dips that you get to learn together. It is a date night to remember.


Bachata is the dance of the heart. So for couples who want to build a closer bond and connection, Bachata is the right Latin Dance to choose. It is like you’re spending time on a beach with someone you love and there is no work tomorrow. You are basking in the warm glow of the sun, enjoying some drinks with your partner.  Bachata Music is sexy and romantic and fun. Dancing Bachata is the same. Bachata is also easier to learn than Salsa. So for couples who feel nervous about learning to dance, Bachata is a great place to start. Bachata is also the second most popular Latin dance. So if you learn Bachata you will still find many places to dance all over the world. If you and your partner want a night off to unwind, to not feel rushed then Bachata is your way.

Ultimately, any style of dance is great. More importantly by learning to dance together you and your partner are dedicating time to each other regularly where it is just the two of you on an island – having fun, connecting, learning, growing, and bonding. Don’t forget that. Heck even if you did rock climbing together it would still be incredible. That is one of the things I love about our classes at Toronto Dance Salsa, they are once a week. It is the time spent together that means more than anything. It is about committing to your partner consistently, every week, carving out time, and dedicating yourself to making both you and your partner feel great. Your relationship will grow and flourish. So whether you pick Salsa or Bachata or another Latin Dance or even a different hobby, it is the time together as a couple that counts.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in every week, have fun, socialize, and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here for our current schedule.

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