If you are at all a salsa/facebook addict, you will have been sent an invitation last week to go to a masquerade at Acrobat last Friday. And if you had attended the event, you would have surely had a blast. Acrobat has hopefully been revived! Sunny from Salsaholics Anonymous was teaching the beginner/intermediate class at 9pm. But the fun really started when La Mezcla hit the stage and began playing at around 9:30pm. This salsa band featured:

Bruce McCarthy – Timbales
Klaus Anselm – Trumpet
Allison Au – Alto Sax
Chris Butcher – Trombone
Marco de la Cruz- Piano
Raul Abreu – Congas
Devin Hornby – Bass
Veronica Meza – Vocals
Francois Mulder – Vocals
Mike Wark – Tenor Sax and Flute

I was very impressed with their lead singer. Veronica Meza has a beautiful voice and was certainly getting everyone dancing to her songs. The band covers a wide repretoire of salsa with covers of many classic mambo and romantica style songs. During the band’s breaks, DJ Victor Explosivo would continue cranking out the best of salsa, merengue, and bachata. As the night wore on, people with masks started showing up for the “Masquerade Contest.” They had the chance to win $100 worth of gift certificates for the best mask. We didn’t really stay to see who won though.

What I liked about Acrobat was the dance floor and the amount of space you had around you to dance. It is a fantastic venue for dancing and hope it continues to grow the number of Friday regulars.

Acrobat Lounge
2464 Yonge St. (3 blocks north of Yonge and Eglinton)
Cover: $10 (includes lesson at 9pm)
Dancing: Friday
Dress Code: Trendy (dress to impress)

Our Ratings

Dancefloor: 4
Ambiance: 4
Music: 5
Dancers: 3
Fun Factor: 4
Overall: 20 (out of 25)