What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a dance that originated from Angola. It is a sensual dance, combined with rhythm and music designed to help partners “connect” with each other.

In this dance, partners will be dancing slowly and closely to each other (while engaging in sensual movements), thereby giving each of them a unique experience.

Many professionals offering Kizomba lessons in Toronto (and other locations) say that this dance is quite different from the usual dance lessons being offered.


Here are some characteristics of Kizomba that you might want to know:

• It makes use of a moderate tempo (slower than those for the Samba or Salsa).

• Although its speed may a bit slower compared to other dances—its styles and sensual movements provide for a deeper and closer connection between partners (think the Argentine Tango).

• Hip movements are encouraged and emphasized.

• Kizomba allows dancers more “freestyling” or “free form” (in fact, this is encouraged) thereby giving people more freedom to express what they feel—through dance.

Health Benefits of Kizomba Lessons in Toronto

As you may well already know, dancing is more than just a mode of expression. For many practitioners, this can also be quite a viable method for achieving better health (and for things to stay that way).

People who have enrolled in Kizomba lessons in Toronto (and other areas) attest as to how they felt a whole lot better (and healthier) after a few sessions. Accordingly, this may be attributed to the many benefits of dancing, namely:

• Stress reduction
• Increased energy
• Enhanced strength
• Better coordination
• Muscle toning
• Weight loss and management of weight
• Reduced risks for coronary heart diseases
• Significant decrease in blood pressure levels
• Helps get rid of toxins in the body (through sweat)
• Many others

Kizomba Lessons in Toronto: For Men and Women of All Ages

Yes—Kizomba is not just for women alone. Men can also get in the “groove” and get some Kizomba lessons in Toronto to avail of its many benefits.

Remember: dancing is a very good exercise. In fact, studies have shown that it burns more calories per hour—compared to biking or swimming!

If you are looking to do something different with your loved one or simply want to lose those unwanted pounds, then dance is something that you should seriously consider. And if you want something new, sensual and a whole lot of fun—then you might want to start out with the Kizomba. The choice is yours.