Hi Everyone!

We have just posted an Intro to Dancing Salsa ON 2 workshop on Saturday March 7th from 5:15 – 7:15pm at Empress. Open to those who have finished level 2 or with permission, this workshop is taught by Teddy Olaso from United Salseros and is $35 for students and $30 for helpers.

Here is a description:
This workshop will focus on introducing the proper fundamentals of dancing On2, covering proper footwork, musical pacing and timing. Musical tips will be given on how to feel the On2 beat much more effectively and how to enjoy it differently from dancing On1 so one understands the music better. Students will convert commonly used turn patterns On1 to On2 timing so they can focus more on the timing rather than the choreography. Since most On1 turn patterns were originally based on On2, transition will be easier and less complicated. However, an intermediate level turn pattern On2, along with styling (body isolations & hand movements) body movements that go with the accent, will also be introduced at the end of the class.

You can register online through your profile. We are still looking for one more workshop topic for April so get in your request soon!