Is Salsa a Romantic Dance?

Yes, Salsa Dance is romantic. It’s energetic and fast. Salsa songs are full of love and passion, romance and connection. Here are three things to think about if you’re considering taking Salsa classes with a special someone or you want to experience Salsa dance with more people.


Salsa and Bachata dance involve partner work, which requires a connection. It’s a special kind of connection you would not find in other types of dances. When I think of romantic dances, the image that comes to my mind is two bodies flowing, with two souls fully present in the moment. When you reach that deep connection and presence, the energy exchange feels intimate and excludes the world around you. The leader sets the pace and flow and the follower is open and receptive to the signals. This means Salsa is inherently a romantic dance.


Salsa music is the music of the heart. It is romantic, playful, and energetic. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can feel the intensity and emotion of the singer. Salsa songs are often about impressing their lover, wanting to win someone’s love or apologizing for some wrongdoing. The tone and intensity can influence the dance. If you feel shy, deeply in love, or even sad, the right song can help convey this emotion on the dance floor. Since Salsa music is romantic, it only makes sense that Salsa dancing is romantic as well.

Eye Contact 

Salsa music is fast, but when you dance it is all about deep communication and exchanges of glances, energy, and soft touches. Most communication is nonverbal and Salsa dancing capitalizes on this. When you are dancing Salsa, you have to keep your eyes on this person. So when leading or following, I’m watching my partner’s body movement, and, in that way, the connection deepens. It’s so beautiful.

Sharing a glance can be powerful. In Salsa dance, you’re making eye contact when dancing with someone. If you connect with your partner, that eye contact can be meaningful. So, Salsa and romance go hand and hand, and I hope you get the chance to connect and vibe in one of our classes with your special person. If you are single, I encourage you to come and experience the smiling, the dancing and the chance to connect with your classmates.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in every week, have fun, socialize, and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here for our current schedule.

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