Everything makes our school special!

What makes us special is we make every single person that walks through this door feel like they #belong because that’s what our culture is about. Our culture focuses that anyone and everyone can dance. More importantly, even if you’re struggling and you feel like you can’t, we give you as much love and acceptance as you need until you realize that you can dance.

What also makes our school special is that we make sure that the numbers or ratio of leaders and followers is balanced. So we don’t do drop-ins because for us the experience of every class is super important. When you join us for a course length, we make sure you have the same teacher, the same volunteers, the same students so you are comfortable in a safe environment where you don’t have strangers coming in.

The other thing that makes us special is that in our school we have volunteers. These are called Helpers, so not only do you get an instructor, not only do you get an assistant, you get anywhere from four to six volunteers. These are intermediate to advanced dancers and they simply want to volunteer and give you a hand.

What makes our school special is that deep down we just want to have fun with you. We want to entertain you. We want to educate you and we want to help you evolve because we know at the heart of it, dancing is a powerful tool for happiness. To help you feel like you’re part of a tribe, to be able to make great friends and great connections. Feel like you are enough while at the same time you’re laughing and having a great time.

So what makes our school special? Everything. Why don’t you join and see for yourself!

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Welcome to the family.