As long as you focus on the right things, you can absolutely be a good dancer!

So here’s the thing for us, what’s important is when you come in, you’re having fun and you’re not obsessing about perfection.

I think a lot of people when they come into the class at first they’re nervous.  I see the students are nervous because maybe their whole life they’ve never been able to dance. They’re trying to take a chance and try to take an opportunity. Or maybe, they just come in and they want to have fun but they’re a little bit stressed.

We work really hard to make sure that people focus on the tiny wins they have in every class. You see, it’s not about gaining the yards, it’s about gaining the inches and focusing on little wins in every single class.

We also work hard to make sure that people who have no dance experience feel great in their bodies. And that comes from the humor that comes from the analogies. We focus on our school a lot on analogy. So basically, tying down how to do a turn into something you’ve done your whole life.

Imagine someone calls your name and you look over your shoulder and you turn with your torso. We tie down all the moves you learn to things you’ve done your whole life because that makes it easier to understand and just feels more fun.

So yes, maybe you don’t have a lot of experience right now. And that’s okay because here at TDS you’re gonna feel like you #belong.

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Welcome to the family.