How To Describe Salsa Dance

Describing Salsa Dance is one of the hardest and easiest things for me to do. How do you describe Salsa dance to someone who’s possibly never experienced it but is looking to do something fun? I’ll do my best to transmit at least three aspects of this beautiful dance based on my perception.

The Logistics of Salsa

Like many dances, Salsa has a leader and a follower. Most movements are either forward and back or side to side in LA-Style Salsa. There are many turn patterns with movement across the dance floor and fancy and intricate arm styling. The basic rhythm of LA-style Salsa, the one we teach at Toronto Dance Salsa, is quick, quick, slow. Think of the song “We Will Rock You” by Queen. Believe it or not, that is the rhythm of Salsa.

The Energy of Salsa

When you watch a couple dancing Salsa you can feel the energy exchange flowing all around the venue. Imagine yourself having that rush of energy when you have a shot of espresso. What would you do with that energy inside you? You would probably want to release it on a dance floor.

So, dancing Salsa is like driving fast on a highway with your dance partner next to you as a passenger. You both are blasting on an open road of excitement and adventure. Salsa dance involves a high-energy, fast sequence of moves. Like on a highway, you don’t think about what you just passed. Instead, you are focussed on what’s ahead of you. You have to be mindful and present in the moment. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss your exit on a highway, which has happened to me quite a bit.

The Heart of Salsa 

What could be more romantic than two people flowing into each other’s arms, diving into the moment and connecting while listening to beautiful, passionate music? I can assure you that at least for four minutes you will escape any drama outside of that dance. It’s an incredibly romantic adventure.

As a leader, when you hold someone’s hand and give them a turn followed by a dip, you can feel the trust and connection your follower offers you. Then as you do a turn, you’re looking at each other’s eyes and that close interaction creates excitement.

I’ve danced Salsa with so many people, leaders and followers including my mom and I have to point out that the romantic feeling does not necessarily involve sexual chemistry. Not at all. But when you dance Salsa, chances are you will feel romance in the air as you get lost in the lyrics.

Just for fun, listen to any Salsa Song and you will notice that most Salsa songs involve someone who wants to be with someone, or a couple missing each other, wanting each other, and feeling each other’s heart while sharing a dance. It’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful.

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