Saturday night was a great evening with the helpers. Every semester we host a potluck at the studio for the helpers, assistants and instructors. It is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other as there are new helpers every semester. In addition we do an hour long training session to go over helper duties and responsibilities. To make the evening even more fun, I have been inviting instructors to host a workshop for the helpers.

Over 40 helpers came out the potluck with a huge variety of yummy treats. The tables were loaded down with appetizers, entrees and desserts. There was a great variety which is always a pleasure to see (and eat!).

After the training and dessert, Caryl Cuizon taught an hour and a half shines performance workshop. The basic idea was to teach everyone a shine routine. Then the group would be broken up into 3 groups who would perform the routine in different ways. Some made it sexy, others made it classy and others made it urbane. So the same routine ended up looking three completely different ways which was really fun and exciting to see.

After the workshop the helpers hung around for some social dancing with DJ Evan. Thanks to everyone for coming out and your contributions and looking forward to celebrating the end of the winter semester in March!