Last Saturday a group of 45 helpers, assistant instructors and instructors met at Korean BBQ Grill at Queen and University for a special end-of-the-winter-semester recognition evening. As per tradition, every time a semester ends I treat the entire TDS helper team to a fun evening and I try to keep the events new and exciting.

It was great to see everyone in one spot and dinner was delicious. For anyone who has a large group, Korean BBQ is a great way to get everyone eating as much as they want to in a fun, interactive environment as you get to cook your own food on small grills placed directly on the tables.

During dinner we announced the helpers who are celebrating one year of service with TDS and everyone received T-shirts. Congrats to Sandra, Anthony, Allan, Loveliza, Therese and Sadaf for being with TDS for one year!

After dinner the group walked to the Royal Alexander Theatre to watch the last Saturday night show of Dirty Dancing. It was a special treat to watch this high energy show with my fellow dancers and I think everyone enjoyed the flips, tricks and dips of the performers.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Photos are up on the events page. Now it’s time to come up with a new concept for the next outing. If you have any ideas for me, let me know!