This past Saturday TDS celebrated all the Helpers’ contributions during the Summer 2008 semester at our quarterly helper recognition outing. As usual I have to be creative in planning a fun, unique event and I think this was definitely a winner.

We met at World of Circus which is a Circus School in Richmond Hill for a lesson in all things circus related. In 5 groups we were able to rotate to several different areas learning such fun activities as Trampoline, Aerials, Juggling, Hula Hoops, Balancing and more. We also got to watch some of the pros in action and let me tell you it is a lot more difficult then it looks!

The group worked up an appetite and then met at Korean Grill House in Markham. This is a really fun place for a group because you can cook your own food on personal grills at your table. It is very interactive, fun and delicious!

Over 40 helpers came out to bond and have fun. Thanks to everyone for their participation and enthusiasm. Photos are now up on the events page so check them out!