So if you have a class starting in the next 2 weeks and are worried that you are rusty due to holiday turkey and relaxation, not to worry. Just remember that we will spend the first 20 minutes reviewing the prior level’s syllabus. Also try to come to the outings (Friday Feb 1st at 9:30pm at Plaza Flamingo). You would be so surprised as to how good and confident you feel after only 1 night out dancing.

Also try to practice your basics, listen to salsa and watch some DVDs, video clips or youtube performances just to get your mind back into the swing of things. If you can, visit a salsa practice or club at least once. Go through the syllabus we sent you last semester and try to visual how to lead or follow each move.

We also have our Monday night practice sessions beginning Monday Feb 4th at 9pm at the Adelaide Club. It is $4 to drop in or $25 for the entire 9 weeks. Come out and practice.

Hopefully if do a couple of these things you can feel a little more confident about starting classes back up. Good luck with your first class and looking forward to seeing everyone at the outings!