We are so excited to announce so many new classes for Fall 2011.  Every semester we try to introduce new classes that will challenge and engage our students and we think the fall line up will do both!

Here is a list of the new classes:

Cuban Style Salsa Level 1
Learn the original Cuban Salsa Style, a fun and highly interactive style of salsa dancing characterized for its playfulness and unique turn patterns. In this course you will learn the basics steps of the dance, musicality, lead and follow, meaning and execution of moves such Guapea, Paseala por el parque, setenta, and much more! At the end of every class learn to dance these moves in a Casino Rueda style wheel.

Student Performance Class – Salsa Threesome!
Interested in taking your salsa dancing to the next level? Join the TDS Fall 2011 Student Performance Class: Salsa Threesome Edition! This class is for Level 3 and higher dancers who are interested in developing their salsa partnerwork, styling and shine skills as well as going through the performance and training experience of a performance dance team. Students will be taught and rehearse a choreographed partner and shines routine, and perform as a group before live audiences around the GTA. The Fall 2011 routine will be the fun and challenging “2-on-1” style salsa (two follows and one lead). Each class is 1.5 hours in length over 9 weeks.

MTV Video Star – Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson

Do you ever wish you could just rock out that awesome choreography from your favourite dance music video? Well now you can! Join Tracie in the MTV Video Star class where she will teach you routines from some of the most popular dance music videos. Choreographies will be built-up each week in this 9-week course: dance moves will be added each week to build a full routine; time will be given to perfect and perform the steps just like in the video, right down to the rockstar attitude! This semester will feature the choreographies from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. No experience necessary!

Ladies Styling
Learn how to incorporate styling into your salsa dancing. Tracie will show you how to add that extra “oomph” and flair to your basic steps and the combos that you already know and love so that you can start adding styling to your dancing right away. Each class will focus on the fundamental elements of building styling into your dancing: body rhythm, timing, follow technique, musicality and the essentials of clean footwork in turn patterns and spins. Each class will introduce more advanced styling techniques to add as your dancing progresses. For those who have completed a minimum of Level 2 and up.

Open Shines
Shines are an integral part of salsa dancing – it is one of the things that bridges the gap from being a student to a dancer. This class will focus on the body isolation and movement techniques essential for fluid shines and open the dancer’s mind and body to the essential element of shines in salsa dancing as well as develop a dancer’s overall musicality skills. Every week students will learn fun and challenging shine sequences (suitable for both men and women) that will be used to build an overall routine; there will also be some focus on shines improvisation. For dancers who have completed TDS Level 2 and up.

Argentine Tango Level 1
Argentine tango has been thrilling dancers for more than 100 years. Tango is loved by dancers and audiences for its beauty, passion, drama and excitement. The essence of Argentine tango is about life and, especially, about the relationship between a man and a woman. This 9-week course is intended for absolute beginners and will focus on the fundamentals of lead and follow technique, the Tango walk, close embrace, musicality and etiquette. Learn simple floor patterns that you will be able to use in a milonga (tango social).

Bachata Intermediate 9 Week Program
Learn the finer points of the body movement, lead and follow technique and musicality of the sensual and romantic dance of Bachata. New turn patterns will be introduced each class with a focus on styling, body rhythm, timing and execution. Some time will also be spent on developing musicality and learning where and how to add accents, dips and holds to spice up the dance. Completion of Salsa level 2 or assessment required.

Bollywood Flash Mob
Ever wanted to surprise your friends with a Bollywood performance? Now is your chance! Join this Bollywood Flash Mob dance class and learn how to perform a choreographed Bollywood routine, but shhh… the details are a surprise! Referred to the genre of dance emanating from the Hindi cinema industry, Bollywood dancing is a fusion of traditional South Asian dances like Bhangra with Hip Hop as well as Latin & Arab influences. In this 9-week course you will learn to move like a Bollywood movie star, building on your performance quality, and feeling the rhythm of the Bollywood beat. This course will teach you a fun and easy choreographed routine, which will be performed at a time and location known only to the performers and instructor. Get ready to surprise the audience ‘Jai Ho’ style!
Fridays 6-7pm starting Sep 30th with Sadaf