Enhance Your Health With Salsa Dancing

Recent research has shown the profound positive impact that Salsa classes and Salsa dancing have on overall health. Beyond the evident physical advantages of keeping you active, Salsa also has a remarkable influence on mental health. Here are three ways to enhance your well-being with Salsa dancing. 


Salsa classes give you a sense of connection and community. Salsa helped me feel less alone in the world. I joined Salsa dance classes to feel confident, but I stayed for the community, the connection, the friends and the relationships. One of the best cures for the blues is having healthy connections in your life. There’s something to be said when you come into a dance class and you have people physically around you. You have physical contact with a partner and the people are supportive and the music is fabulous. In that environment, you cannot help but make connections and friendships. I’m always excited and looking forward to stepping on the dance floor because I know my people are there. Becoming part of a positive community is just one way to enhance your health with Salsa dancing.

Physical Benefits

Many people do not like working out. Gyms can be intimidating and working out can be isolating. Many people start exercise programs and then give up out of frustration, loneliness and boredom. Salsa dancing is different. When I started to dance more, I wanted to be physically lighter. I wanted to be quicker because Salsa is all about speed. And the simple fact is that you burn a lot of calories, and you do a lot of steps when you’re dancing. And here’s the best part because you’re connecting to really positive people and you’re having fun, you come out with a massive smile on top of a slightly slimmer waist. 

Mental Health

I didn’t realize until years later that the biggest wins weren’t just the physical benefits and the community but the combination of the two which improved my mental health. As you dance more and grow and improve, you gain confidence. It’s incredible! You continue to learn and grow and challenge yourself by learning new moves and dancing with new partners. This also improves your memory and concentration. Research shows that dance is beneficial for memory and may even slow the progress of dementia in older adults. It is incredible, rewarding, enriching and challenging. It can also help you release your anxieties and frustrations. When I feel overwhelmed with life or frustrated, I can go out Salsa dancing and physically release that energy. Camaraderie, improved memory and releasing frustrations are obvious ways to enhance your health with Salsa dancing. 

The challenge, the connection and the physical movement combine to make me feel more balanced in the world. Isn’t that what we all want in life? Gaining a community, increased physical fitness and a boost in mental health are three powerful ways that you can enhance your health with Salsa dancing.  

If you are still not convinced that Salsa classes are right for you, read Three Reasons to Take Salsa Dance Classes to discover even more benefits of Salsa. 

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