We want you to feel accepted in our school in the role that you want to take. So absolutely, yes!

We want you to feel like you #belong and part of belonging is self-acceptance.

Here is some general advice if you want to switch roles.

Advice one, if you start a level, we do suggest that you finish that level in the role that you want. Let’s say as a leader then you don’t like being a leader and want to be a follower. Then what you need to do is email us so that we can try switching you to the other role because we have to account for ratios of leaders and followers.

One of the things we worked really hard in our school is that everybody gets someone to dance with so that leaders and followers ratio is equal. So if you want to switch in the middle of a class, we have to account for that.

Now, the reason I suggest that you finish the role unless it feels completely wrong to you is that if you switch between the classes you never really learn one or the other role well which would make it difficult for you and your partner.

Part of learning a role is in some way you learn to be competent in it and we know that. I’ve had experience in this where we’ve had couples who want to switch roles in one session. Let’s say Salsa Level 1 is 9 weeks, every week we build on the knowledge that was learned the previous week. If we have a person switching between the roles in between the classes and what happens is they both struggle because they never learned any one role.

Now ultimately, I love leading and I love following its such an amazing experience. In fact, I tell all intermediate-advanced dancers that if you really want to get good, you should ultimately learn both roles at some point. For me as an instructor and as a professional dancer, I know how to lead, I know how to follow and each one provides me a different experience.

As a leader, I get to create, I get to navigate, help my partner look amazing. As a follower, I get to turn-off, relax, have someone else manage the trip, the road trip of the awesomeness of dancing with me. We want you to feel like you #belong. We want you to feel like you’re accepted. So if you feel like you want to switch a role, absolutely go for it because here you #belong.

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Welcome to the family.