Bachata can be categorized into Dominican Bachata, referencing its place of birth, Dominican Republican, Modern Bachata and Sensual Bachata.

Dominican Bachata is known for fast footwork, more complicated patterns, circular dance, and exciting shines. Shines are brief solo performances within a song where dancers show off their best moves before going back to partner work. The term “shine” is used in Salsa, but we can also use it in Bachata.

Modern Bachata is the most common style practiced in North America. Especially in clubs.  Modern Bachata is known for dancing in a lateral line, soft turns, attractive patterns of moves, arm styling and dips.

Bachata sensual is a lot more intimate. It involves closer interactions, where the pelvis and hips are connected. It involves neck rolls, where the leader places his hand on the follower’s neck and traces it through and includes pronounced hip rolls.

At our school, we teach Modern Bachata because I believe that when you have a great connection with someone, and you’re dancing with them, the sensuality will naturally come out. The music and mutual attraction create a sense of trust and intimacy that grows between you and your partner, getting to the point where time slows down, and you feel ready to use more sensual moves.

During my classes and at our social parties called “Salsa Loves Bachata,” I always highlight that Sensual Bachata is meant to enjoy with someone you feel comfortable with because it requires a higher level of intimate connection.

Sometimes, when students approach me requesting to learn some sensual moves, my question is, who do you plan to use it on? Because when you know something, you want to practice as much as possible; however, when it is intimate, and you start using it on everybody, not everyone will feel comfortable with it. So, I wanted to make sure that this article also talks about that. Sensual Bachata is Bachata, and there are fun, cool, exciting, and intimate ways to dance it. But ultimately, It’s a more intimate version of this dance. Therefore I hope whoever is reading this blog is respectful of your partner and thoughtful enough to create a safe space where you get to both explore and connect on a deeper level.

 At higher levels at our school, that is, level four, we explore sensual movement in Bachata, and I hope someday I get the chance to be your instructor and show you how to dance in a fun, respectful, safe, intimate way.

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