Dancing Salsa Benefits

After over 12 years of dancing, just one article isn’t enough to share all the benefits from dancing Salsa. But I wish that I started dancing Salsa way earlier in my life. So if I was to travel back in time, here are top 3 benefits I would tell my younger self ‘Baby Aleks’ would get.

First benefit: Positivity you were starving for

Since I was little I struggled feeling like I belong. I always wanted to be a part of a community where people wouldn’t judge me. Where I can, through effort, have people celebrate with me but just as important bring yo up when you feel down. That’s what I got out of dancing. From the first class I took, all the mistakes I made. The volunteers at my school (which now I run) to the teachers, were some of my biggest cheerleaders. You don’t realize you are starting for positivity until you finally have your first tatste of it. So the BIGGEST benefit of dancing Salsa is you get to finally taste that positivity. The one I starved for most of my life.

Second benefit: The best kind of escape

When you are dancing Salsa in a class, at a nightclub, you get to escape all your troubles. There were so many moments in my life that dance litterly saved me from. From emotionally drowning from all the pressures of life. When my mom got sick, when I got out of a toxic relationship, when I felt overwhelemed and lost in life. Unlike Netflix, or food, video games and more, dance was always the healthy escape. I could go out and dance with a bunch of people and not be stuck in my head.

Third benefit: CONFIDENCE!!! – Confidence Competence Loop

I used to think if you are confident, it’s just something you are born with. OH BOY was a I wrong! In psychology there is a callaed confidence/competence loop. Basically, the more competenet you get at something the more confident you get. That loops back into want to grow more in the thing you are feeling confidence. I was a really insecure guy, around girls, with my own body (oveweight, not sure how to dance or keep a beat, holding a girls hand event) and dancing Salsa helped. When I started at 23 years old, most of my previous life was spent looking at people who seemed confident and wondering how I could get there. Once I started taking Salsa dance classes, forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone (in a safe space) I started to form that confident side of me. Salsa is challenging, yes, it takes time but like confidence, it’s a skill and not a talent.

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Gang, there are so many Salsa benefits that I can talk about and you will find more about this topic if you visit our website where you’ll see blog posts on it.

Salsa saved my life. It helped me get my purpose and helped me find my inner confident self. It helped me surround myself with a more positive community and helped me slow down. When I felt overwhelmed in life and I just needed a little mini-vacation, I would go and dance Salsa.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join, Let’s dance.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in week to week, having fun, connecting with new friends and letting lose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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