Have you been noticing that there are dancers performing in the TTC subway stations lately! Well that is all thanks to a new program called `City on the Move` A Festival of Young Artists in Transit.

Here is some more info on the program as can be found on Toronto.ca`s website. Click on the City of Toronto`s website to get more info:

`The City of Toronto transfers and connects underground cultures with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) by creating a new artistic and audience platform for urban dance and music, visual art and performance art.

From August 2009 through the summer of 2010, this new program aims to bring your transit experience to life by regularly featuring the artistic creativity and culture of emerging and more seasoned young artists performing in a fluid, public living environment – subway stations, on subway cars, buses and streetcars.
Part of Toronto’s 175th anniversary celebrations, this Toronto Cultural Services initiative offers artists aged 18 to 32 (PDF) an expanded public audience and the opportunity to make money through their art by providing an honorarium and the ability to receive donations from the public like regular TTC performers. This will also be the first time that dancers and visual artists will be regularly showcased on the TTC.`