I have to say this may be the first season I actually am enjoying Dancing with the Stars. In the past I have held a love/hate relationship with the show, mainly due to the fact that although I love dance show and anything to do with dancing, the show always rubbed me the wrong way. The songs choices especially for the Latin dances, the choreographies, the judges’ comments and scoring, were all inconsistent and so gimmicky.

I find this season to be a little bit more consistent. I still disagree with the judges on a regular basis. They seem to have their favourites and will come down hard on one participant when another has done much worse. However this isn’t as noticeable as in the previous seasons.

The stars are also nicer to watch. Kristy and Mark are lovely as a couple to see dancing and you can see that their choreographies are a lot more complex and complicated then the others. Jason and Esyta are exciting and beautiful to watch and although the routines are not as complex as Kristy and Mark, there is still more skill in their routines then most prior participants. Christian and Cheryl are fun and add the spice, even with an injury.

Glad to see these are the finalists. I am cheering for Kristy and Mark – who are you all cheering for???