Did anyone check out the new dance reality show debuting last Monday called “Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann”? Basically two of the judges from Dancing with the Stars are spinning off a separate reality show about creating 2 dance groups that go head to head. The only catch is the performers have to sing as well as dance. This took a little of the interest away from me but since there is still half the show dedicated to dancing I am on board for the ride 🙂

So basically Carrie Anne and Bruno spent the first episode auditioning in 3 cities hundreds of talented hopefuls and narrowed the participants down to 14 people. These 14 people will then be fought over by the two judges to create their own groups. At that point each of them will choreograph routines for their own groups and fight for the viewers’ votes. Each time a team loses, they have to vote someone off the team.

I find the first episode a lot more interesting then Dancing with the Stars and a lot less interesting than So You Think You Can Dance. It was great to see all types of dancers and some of them were fabulous. You had to really feel for those singers who couldn’t dance and those dancers who couldn’t sing but they want both for their groups so they had to eliminate talented people who just didn’t have both.

I am interested to see their choreographies…definitely rooting for Carrie Ann as Bruno, well he bugs me truthfully. Let me know what you think!