With Covid restrictions lifting, we have so many more chances to now go out, travel, meet friends…cough cough…takes dance classes 🥰

It’s so easy to start to get overwhelmed and be rushing from one task, one meeting to another.

Imagine a cruise with 400+ dancers, 4 days/nights of nonstop dancing.

In the morning you are doing workshops with world-renowned professional dancers, and at night time you are dancing until 4 am…rinse and repeat.

I was having so much fun, just a dancer’s dream…and the final day was going to be the biggest party of them all.

It started with a massive foam party at the top dec…my gosh.

Everyone wearing bikinis, dancing, having fun…just crazy.

The ground was super slippery from the foam and as I am dancing, I focused on my partner and the dance floor to not faceplant.

As I finish a dance with one girl she says:

“OMG, you’re such a great dancer, why don’t you join us in the hot tub with my friends”

“Ya sure, that would be cool”

I mean that’s what I say out loud but inside

“OMG…OMG…It’s like I’m in a rap video…is this how Tupac…50 Cent…Drake live like? AHHHHHHH!!!! DON’T MESS THIS UP…BE COOOL…BREATH…BE COOOOOOOL…ICE ICE BABY COOL!!!”

I follow her to the hot tub and now I am surrounded by people as everyone is laughing.

I never had this moment in my life. That a bunch of people invite me to the hot tub, I’m surrounded by beautiful people (honestly don’t feel like I belong there) but also screaming like a 12-year-old girl inside

Then this other girl looks at me “Oh hey I remember you from last night. I had fun dancing with you. Let’s get out and dance again, I love this song”

I mean…I mean…AHHHHHH!!! I am screaming inside…this is it, this is a rap video, this is how Vanilla Ice lived his life…no?

She gets out first and I start to follow her as someone from the hot tub group tells me:

“Hey, we are going to grab drinks, make sure to come back”

I know it’s shallow but I feel really cool right now…these people want me there with them and that cute girl wants to dance with me…

For a second I forget about the fact that it’s a foam party…

As I start to walk down the deck…my feet slip and I start sliding down the boardwalk screaming.

This massive guy hears me screaming and turns to face me and my body slams into him…I am still upright…didn’t go overboard. PHEW! 🤣

I feel a small sting in my foot but the adrenalin of finding that girl, coming back to the hot tub has be distracted.

“Dude, sorry man, I just got a bit excited…damn it…where did she go. Did you see a brunette walk by…blue bikini?”

Laughing he shakes his head, helping me look for the girl and then I hear him say

“OMG…OMG…oh no”

I turn and smile at him “Oh did you find her? She’s cute no?”

“OMG…look at your foot…”


My toe…my toe is broken…like a completely broken…like crooked and THAT little piggy made a left turn at Albuquerque.

Searing pain hits me as I become aware…I start to go pale…drop to the ground.

Security is called…I get taken down to the medical area…$2000 x-ray in the middle of the ocean tells me what’s obvious…my toe it’s completely broken.

Did you know there is no cast for a broken toe? All they do is tape it up to one of the good toes and that’s about it.

That little piggy is still crooked to this day, never healed up properly and it is a great reminder.

When Aleks doesn’t focus on himself, take care of himself…when he doesn’t pay attention and isn’t GROUNDED …well all heck breaks loose.

If you are starting to feel more run down physically, emotionally, and mentally as restrictions are lifting…this is a serious problem.

Covid taught me one important lesson… slow down and get grounded.

So as we start to come out more, get back more of our freedoms, just ask yourself…

What can I do this week to feel more grounded with myself?

It’s hard to take care of others, our job priorities when we aren’t taking good care of ourselves.

Don’t be a sud…😱  slow down and smell the roses 🌹

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in week to week, having fun, connecting with new friends and letting lose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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