While in Montreal for a wedding, we managed to make it to a salsa club on the Sunday night before heading back to Toronto. Last time we were in town, we liked the vibe of Club 6/49 but didn’t stay too long, so we decided to head back to check it out. It was Nina and Alfred plus Alfred’s friend Arva from Amsterdam who started salsa at the same time as Alfred did.

We arrived around 10pm and there were only a handful of couples on the dancefloor. The DJ was spinning a good variety of very danceable music so things were promising but we were worried that maybe Sunday was a slow night. Our worries were rather quickly dismissed as people started showing up and sooner than we knew it the dancefloor was packed.

The club is in a basement location right on St. Catherines so it is a convenient location for anyone downtown Montreal. The dancefloor is a large wooden retangle with ample seating to take a break from dancing on. There are also stools and a high counter around the edge of the dancefloor to remain close to the action with a place to rest your drink.

Reading up on the internet informed us that Sunday is a popular night for a lot of the advanced dancers in Montreal. We were definitely impressed. There were plenty of amazing dancers, dancing with far more emotion that we usually see in Toronto. People were really into the music, and executing sexy styling, cool shines and complex patterns with great musicality. Alfred even picked up a couple moves from the Montreal crowd that he doesn’t see as much in Toronto. It reminded us that there is great diversity in the way people dance salsa and that it is a continuous learning experience.

We had amazing fun but had to leave the party because there was a long drive up ahead the next morning. There are other highly recommended clubs in Montreal, if you have any favorites let us know so we can check it out next time we’re in town again.


Club 649 1112 Ste. Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC

Cover: No Cover

Dancing: Nightly 8:30pm-3:00am
Beginner Lesson (Free): Mondays 10pm
Intermediate/Advanced Lesson (Free): Thursdays 10pm

Our Ratings

Dancefloor: 4
Ambiance: 3
Music: 5
Dancers: 5
Fun Factor: 4
Overall: 21 (out of 25)