Drop-in classes aren’t the best way to learn in most cases.

Our experience has shown us that students have a way better time when they join for a whole course. We find that there are difficulties in making sure that every man has a woman to dance with, or every leader has a follower to dance with. We found that if we do drop-in classes, we can have 15 guys and seven girls, and so there’s a bunch of guys just standing around not being able to dance with anyone.

We also want to make sure that when students come to our classes, they feel like they’re growing. Our courses are designed to be cumulative. Let’s say you sign up for a nine-week course… you come in once a week for one hour on the same day. You have the same teacher and the same Helpers. Our Helpers (volunteers) are advanced students who walk around with teacher or dance with students to help more. or students of ours. You will have all the support, the consistency and won’t have random strangers coming into the class. The people you dance with and rotate around with are going to be the same people every week as you get comfortable.

However, if you find that your schedule is complicated. Like you do a lot of shift work and you don’t have a regular schedule, or you want to do a one-off lesson as an anniversary gift. Then, we suggest you to hire one of our instructors to do a private lesson.

With a private lesson, it’s a one-hour, one-off kind of lesson. You set your schedule just as a way to try.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fun place to surround yourself with people, to laugh with while in the process of learning. More importantly, just feel like you #belong then definitely sign up for our group classes. That’s the best way to go and for sure you’re not going to regret it.

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Welcome to the family.