The short answer is yes, absolutely!

It makes our heart so warm to hear people even if they miss a few classes that they still want to join our school.

But before that, we need to make sure you can keep up with the class.

Let’s say you miss half of the classes of Salsa or Bachata Level 1. We’ve covered a lot of knowledge because our classes work like this: from the first class to the second to third, we build the knowledge up. So in the first class, we do our basics and turns. Second class, we do other types of turns and so forth.

Let’s say you miss three to four classes. We need to make sure you know that material.

So as soon as you know you’ve missed a class, as soon as you know that you want to join us and the classes have started, please email us ASAP. An instructor can meet you and do a quick assessment.

We need to make sure you have the knowledge because the worst experience ever is being in a class where everyone is so far ahead of you and you’re falling behind. Not only that, it’s just not a great experience for the people you dance with, whether it’s even level two or three.

We need to make sure that there isn’t a massive knowledge gap. If you’ve missed a little bit and you can fill in the gap just by being very enthusiastic and super hardworking, definitely you can join classes halfway.

Sometimes, one of the things that we suggest is to do one private. That’s a great option if you miss some knowledge because usually, one private is two to three hours of group lessons. So if you miss two to three hours, maybe even four hours of group lessons, we can do one private before the next class comes up that you can join so that you can catch up.

For us, our biggest priority is offering you a great experience and offering all the students a great experience. Email at [email protected] and we’re going to give you a hand so you can feel like you belong here and you become part of our tribe.

If there is a question, dancing or school-related, you want me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. And if you want to take classes with us, click REGISTER NOW

Welcome to the family.