It’s probably not a good idea simply because it won’t be a good experience for the kid.

Our studio is tailored to be super cold. It’s actually at 18 Celsius. Now the reason for that is once we start moving our body, the body needs to cool down so we keep the studio cool to make sure that everybody has a great experience. Anyone who’s sitting there for an hour or two, in general, they’re going to get cold even with a jacket, it’s not a comfortable place.

Two, the people who are taking a class are going to get self-conscious. Having anyone just sit in the back and watch makes people super aware and we work really hard to make it a comfortable environment.

And three, the kid is going to be bored. Whether they’re doing homework or they’re playing on a tablet being left out for a long time is not a great feeling.

Now, worst-case scenario, your babysitter cancels things happen… We’re not going to say no. We just realize that if we bring a lot of extra people to the studio to sit around it changes the vibe, it changes the environment, it changes the focus, and that’s not going to be a great experience for you or other people.

So the short answer is not the best idea but the long answer we want to help remove any obstacle from you missing a class. 🙂

So, for that one class, sure bring your kid. That’s not something we want to do regularly definitely because the experience first and foremost is everybody who is at the studio is standing up dancing and participating. Definitely having anyone just sit out can affect the energy in the class and we work really hard to make sure the classes are energetic, and they’re fun and people are laughing.

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Welcome to the family.