Etiquette for Followers

Whether you are dancing Salsa, Bachata or any other partner work dance, there are some rules of etiquette for followers. Going to a social or taking classes can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. But if you follow these simple rules, you will always have dance partners lined up. 

Don’t Be a Wallflower

Forget hanging around waiting for someone to invite you. Just go up to a leader and ask them to dance! Trust me, they’ll be flattered, and it takes the pressure off them to initiate every time. Remember, we’re all here to have fun, so be part of the fun and dance your heart out. Plus, the more you dance, the better you’ll get! So the first rule of etiquette for followers is don’t be a wallflower – get out and dance!

Dress and Smell Nice

We all sweat, that’s a fact of life. So, wear comfy clothes that make you feel awesome, and bring an extra shirt (or two) because, you know, dancing can get pretty intense. Don’t forget deodorant and gum or mints to keep things fresh. You can wear anything from jeans to skirts or dresses, just go with what feels right. And please, don’t overdo the perfume or body spray. Nobody wants to be choked by strong scents all night! The second rule of etiquette for followers is simply to be aware of clothing and hygiene.

Be a Good Listener

A top-notch follower knows how to listen to their leader’s signals and stay in the moment with their leader. Don’t start guessing what moves are coming next or get distracted by what’s happening in the room around you. Build trust and connection with your dance partner by being fully present. Save the fancy styling for when you’re dancing with someone you know well. Keep it simple at first until you’re both comfortable. The third rule of follower etiquette is to be fully present and listen to your leader. You don’t need two leaders fighting for control.

Bonus Tip: Watch the Booze

I get it, liquid courage is tempting but remember, Salsa and Bachata require coordination. So if you’re having a drink or two, keep an eye on how much you consume. You don’t want to stumble all over the dance floor!

So there you have it, easy etiquette for followers – ask leaders to dance, dress and smell nice, be a great listener and watch your alcohol consumption. Remember these rules and you will be in demand on the dance floor. If you are comfortable with the rules of etiquette but want more confidence, click here to read more.  

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