Bachata dancing for beginners

One of the easiest Latin dances you can pick up is Bachata. Bachata Dancing is extremely beginner friendly for multiple reasons compared to dances like (Zouk, Kizomba, Salsa and more). As a beginner we believe that anyone can dance and do we put together some tricks and tips to make it a great experience to learn.

Bachata has 8 counts

When you first start Bachata dancing as a beginner, it’s as simple as counting up to 8. Bachata has 8 counts where you step to the side on counts 1, 2, 3, and tap on count 4. Then you return home by stepping on counts 5, 6, 7, and tap on counts 8. You can do your basic (side basic) in 8 counts or your forward basic in 8 counts as well. As a leader, you always start with your left foot and as a follower, you always start with your right foot.

Say it, don’t think it.

The easiest way for beginners to learn their steps is to count out loud. I ask my students to say (three steps and tap) out loud in the first class. Everyone picks it up super quick. The reality is when you say something out loud you make sense of the movement faster than thinking about it. Make sure you try this trick!

How to turn

Bachata turns are not hard at all and the simplest is to do a quarter turn, quarter turn, half turn and then tap. So as a leader (going with your left foot) you twist to your left for that initial quarter turn. Then you do another quarter and your feet should be apart followed by a half turn. As you complete it, on count 4 (if you did it on 1,2,3) you should be tapping with your right foot. One trick to make turns easy is think of it as a long traveling twist vs individual steps into a turn.

Bachata dancing shouldn’t be hard for beginners. We hope the above tips helped you see that. Looking to get the basics of Salsa? Check out this article. 

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