Bachata Dancing Etiquette Part 2

Maybe it’s your first time dancing and you don’t know how to make a great first impression. Still, maybe you have been going out dancing for a while but are finding that dancers aren’t dancing as much with you. No worries, in all of these cases we are here to help you pick up some basic BachataDancing Etiquette. These tips may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how few people follow them.

Body movement

Learn how to move your body properly to the Bachata rhythm. Gentlemen, your frame will always tell the lady where you want her to go next – it will keep her protected and in synch in with you. Ladies – learn how to adapt your body movement to each leader. Some are more subtle with their body movement and some are stronger. Try not to “do your own thing” when it comes to body isolations, rather, respond to the way that he moves.

Heat is good, but sometimes it’s nice to simmer

Some dancers are really into the Bachata grind – who can blame them? But most dancers are more about connection, which doesn’t necessary mean being all up in each other’s grill for an entire song. Subtlety is nice and appreciated. Leave something to the imagination, friends.

Safety before sexy.

Let’s be real – the ladies LOVE a sexy dip here and there – but guys, be sure that you have stability and good knowledge of your dip technique before forcing your lady into that backbend for 2 counts of 8 beats. Ladies, the guys LOVE all those bodywaves, rolls and hip movements, but overdoing can make you feel….wiggly. Learn how to be smooth as possible in your execution and choose spots here and there in your dance for styling.

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