If You Want Better Results in Life, Ask Better Questions

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” Eugene Ionescu

Last week I messaged my landlord asking if I could extend my lease for one more year. For the last four years, I have been super blessed and lucky because I live only four blocks from the studio. I can walk most places and I have even been able to save some money by selling my car. I was expecting this to be a formality, but when he messaged me back, I knew something was up.

“It is great to hear from you, I was meaning to get in touch with you. How about we hop on a video call tomorrow?”

As soon as I saw the message, I knew he was going to break up with me. My only thought was, why doesn’t he man up and call me right away? Why is he going to string me along for 24 hours? I panicked and knew my four-year string of luck was ending. 

Twenty-four hours later, we were on the video call and I could see him squirming and looking uncomfortable. This confirmed that my landlord was breaking up with me. He had the same look as my girlfriend who broke up with me when I was twenty years old. He smiled and avoided eye contact as he said “Aleks, you’ve been a great tenant.” 

Everything he said made me cringe. So I interrupted him before he could even finish and said with a smile; “No. You listen. I’m going to break up with you. I’m leaving this place! I don’t need you!” 

We both laughed and the mood was lightened. “Aleks, I really have loved you as a tenant. But we have a kid now, and we want to buy a house. So we are going to sell the condos to afford the house.” 

I told him that I understood and of course, it wasn’t a problem. “When do you want to sell? How much time do I have?” He told me I had six or seven months, and that he wasn’t going to sell until September. “Great man, no problem.” 

As soon as I hung up, I went into panic mode. I looked at listings for units in my area. I called realtor friends. Then I panicked more. The price difference was massive! Massive! I would have to adjust everything in my life. My spending habits would have to change. My purse strings would definitely need tightening. 

I opened up an Excel document and opened up my budgeting app. I started to work and figure out ways I could save money. I could cancel some subscriptions, and buy less organic food. Then maybe I could still afford to live in the same area. 

And then suddenly, I did a one-eighty. I realized I was asking the wrong question. I was focussing on the wrong thing. It isn’t about how I can save money. It is about how can I grow the school and make more money by September. 

Suddenly, a smile washed over my face. I started to plan for the next six months. I now have a plan for building TDS. Making TDS even more incredible and even busier. My goal of 100 schools starts now. Because energy flows where attention goes. And so this week, what I’m focusing on is getting better results in my life by asking better questions. Because like Google, your brain does an amazing job of giving you exactly what you ask for. So why not ask something better of yourself to get a better life?

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