I am getting lots of questions regarding our summer specialty class that Caryl will be teaching at the Adelaide Club downtown on Wednesdays at 9:15pm called “Advanced Turnpattern and Styling” class.

Here is the description we posted on the website for it: An advanced class intended for those who have completed level 4 or by permission. This 9 week course will cover the practical application of styling in a turnpattern combination. New turnpatterns will be covered with emphasis on male and female styling during the turnpatterns. Focus to include execution, body movement, musicality, timing and more.

So basically what this means is that this class will please everyone. For men who like learning combinations you will get new combinations that you haven’t seen before. But you will also get to understand how to break down the combination and add some styling moves, body movement and accents to the combination. This is appealing to women as that is our big focus at this level.

So hopefully this clarifies what the class is all about. Remember you have to have completed level 4 or ask for permission to get into this class. Cost is $126 for 9 weeks.