Sandra sat in her room, exhausted from a long day of work. Its not as if she could just go home and rest; no, she had to go and continue some final arrangements for her upcoming wedding. So interminable list of things to do never really seemed to shorten. It seemed to her like for every task she checked off, two more would appear. Her fiancee, George, and her had decided to keep it simple, yet it still seemed daunting. The good thing is that George had been a lot of help and her friends and family had also pitched in when possible. It was the mundane things that seemed to agitate her most, like picking out the colour scheme for the table cloths, which is exactly what she was doing at that point.

It could be said that Sandra was successful. She enjoyed her job and had an active social life. Money was tight at times but never a limiting factor. At only 27, Sandra’s mother often asked her if she was rushing into things. The thought was not alien to Sandra but down inside she felt that this was the right thing. Sandra’s mother’s questions were made simply out of motherly concern. Her parents liked George and had no objections, they just wanted Sandra to be sure she was doing what she wanted. She sometimes wondered if her parents just didn’t want her to get married.

My mom has told me not marry someone rich
because every night its demands and demands.
My mom has told me not to marry someone poor
because every night its hardship and hardship.

But I die of romances
my stomach hurts.
And I aimlessly wander where?
To the count’s home.
And for what?
That, I don’t know.

What my mom wants is that I not get married.
That I not get married or get tied down.

Chuckling at the silliness of this thought, Sandra goes back at looking at cloth colours. At this point Sandra doesn’t really care what colour the table cloths are but she’s gone so far now that she may as well get the final details done as well. Her mind wanderes to the one last detail she has to take care of. It was kind of absurd in a way, but she didn’t really want Emilio finding out through someone else. Oddly, she felt that due to their history, she had to tell him directly. When she had ended their relationship 3 years back Emilio had been left hurt and confused. Truth is, she knew she had done the right thing, she just wasn’t pleased with the way both of them had handled it. For a solid 5 years they had been lovers, confidantes and best friends. His pain and her need to break free of the past had strained their relationship further. Now it seemed that they were nothing more than acquaintances, though each could sense an underlying connection at some level. This connection, a result of compassion, respect and amnesty, is what kept them connected now and was the reason why she felt she had to tell him of her impending wedding herself. Maybe this time he’d answer? She reaches for the phone but doesn’t dial. On second thought, she doesn’t have the energy this night to make this call.

Sigan Bailando!